Welcome to ärdər, a community of relentless and insatiable women who are devoted to more!

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Atelier, a word that derives from French, is used in English to describe “a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.” ärder is a community of creative and brilliant women thinkers and doers who adopt a holistic approach to their growth, whether it be to serve their businesses or their personal ventures. 
Details to come soon! In the meantime, save these dates: Registration for Atelier and Atelier Intensive will open on January 9th. Registration for Atelier Intensive will close on January 31st.

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I'm Alex, your new get-a-grip, let's turn this world upside down, friend. 

I’m Alex. I am an expert in supporting powerhouse, passionate, trail-blazing women to disrupt, innovate, and create with a fierce devotion to themselves and those they serve. I’m devoted to helping you launch, grow, & scale the life and business your soul came here to create while making the impact and income that changes {y}our world.

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we are a community of relentless and
insatiable women, devoted to more.

We wish we could say it's the same ol' podcast with a new look…buuuuut it's not. Welcome to ärdər: the podcast, a new interactive experience hosted by your faves, Alex Reed and Jamia Daniels! 

Get ready for fresh video content from a lineup of diverse speakers and creatives. Help us get the podcast on Apple's New and Noteworthy by subscribing, rating AND reviewing! 

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"I have never been more excited or felt more included in a group of women, than I have these last couple of years. "

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